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The medium of

crucial relationships

Relamatics re•la•mat•ics
integrated principles, techniques and systems to design, inform and maintain crucial relationships.
  • The unknown … illuminated
  • The unexpressed … shared
  • Improvements … practical
  • Decisions … obvious
  • Analytics … empowering
  • Quality … measurable
  • Accountabilitiescrystal clear

Mastering relationships:
today's frontier of greater business and personal performance. You know that, right?

But here's the rub, relationships are complicated and dynamic abstractions …"messy!" Vital information, invisible to both parties, is displaced by assumptions, confusion and evaded accountabilities. Communication gaps generate degrees of complacency, misunderstanding, despair and mistrust. Each day untold potential — squandered. Been there, right?

What if,
in the midst of relationships important to you, there resides a medium of shared understanding serving you and the other party, equally? This online medium is always as close and ever present as the nearest Internet browser. And what if this medium regularly informs of each others' needs, while constantly measuring relationship quality and adapting to each party's evolving requirements? And what if it offers affirming feed back (when deserved), alerts to issues, regularly probes (without being a nuisance), provides reports and when needed, offers unbiased pathways to remedy? And lastly (for now), what if it facilitates effective collaboration and negotiation, provides sound structure, a common language and purges dangerous toxins, such as assumptions, entitlement and acrimony, all in a fast, easy and simple manner, requiring no training or significant expense?
That's Relamatics.

Imagine being able to finally master the messy of business and life — go ahead, your browser will wait. Perhaps your imagination's revealing the value of Relamatics far better than we can. Perhaps you're envisioning endless new opportunities, benefits and competitive edge derived from radically informed and improved relationships. You're now aware that low-quality relations need no longer impede profits or careers, inflame valued customers, workers or suppliers, burden and stress supervisors, contaminate strategies, create dysfunction between enterprises, or communities therein, harm businesses or hobble people's lives.

Enjoy the rewards of improved relations. Here are three application examples (more soon, provoked by "imagineers," like you):
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General Talent offers a highly-effective means to unleash greater yields from any workforce or career. Positive impact can be immediate and substantial at every level of the organization, from corner offices to front lines. A special configuration of Relamatics, known as rpPaQ, ensures relationship quality is understood, continuously measured, and when needed, improved … from both parties' perspectives. Attention of supervisors and workers are uniquely and constantly reinforced toward shared accountabilities for achieving mission. Powerful analytics serve to guide leadership's thought and to provide alerts to emerging issues that would otherwise be hidden. The inevitable result: better work in better lives.
Whether between communities and persons within enterprises, or with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders, no longer can anything be left to doubt or confusion. Chronic meetings, memos, surveys, CRM, ERP, Sharepoint and team off-sites too often fail to serve strategic demands and tactical realities. Respective requirements and accountabilities must be accurately known and continuously satisfied. We work alongside leaders and groups to ensure the right Relamatics medium is well-designed and effectively deployed to dependably drive the desired successes.
Healthcare paradigms are (radically) changing, so are the underlying fundamentals of clinical professionals' relations with their many types of organizations, communities and customers. Relamatics guides organizations, physicians and other clinical professionals in the architecture of Durable Relationships that will optimally serve each party's needs. A Relamatics information platform, known as nPerspect, ensures evolving healthcare relationships remain responsive, healthy and productive serving the requirements and rewards of both parties.
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Hang on. Imaginations are only beginning to percolate with endless possibilities.

Who knows where we'll go and what we'll solve, together, with Relamatics.

is a synthesis of four dimensions of value for each party:

- Guiding structure - Periodic illumination - Impartiality - Empowerment

Still a little mysterious? Confusing? Weird?

Remember your first impressions when other (now) big things were (then) only embryos?

We believe Relamatics is a big idea that could ultimately make a big difference in organizations, lives

and societies (we believe there may be "a few" relationships that could benefit from a "helpful medium").

So don't fret about being confused, again. We'll be doing more, and sharing more, soon.

Master the messy!

For more information about Relamatics contact us here

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